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MWA Membership Program

The Medical Wellness Association was developed as a multidisciplinary organization to promote medical wellness. MWA is the leading source of information and guidelines for high quality medical wellness programs. Your involvement makes possible the continuing advancement of the medical wellness industry and its wide-ranging programs. MWA is your link to the leading network of international medical wellness professionals from around the world. MWA serves its members, partners and advisors by providing timely and up-to-date resources, program definitions, professional standards and making wellness a vital global priority.

Membership Benefits of the Medical Wellness Association

Join Today! Your contribution supports the medical wellness profession and MWA.

Our new association is continuously looking for ways to enhance member benefits and welcome your input and contribution. In other areas of this web site, you will find information on the importance of advisor and committee work and how to become actively involved.

* For specific membership questions, please contact MWA services or call 281 313 3040.
  Medical Wellness Association Annual Membership Privileges
    Founding Membership Certificate and Appreciation Letter
    Member Advocacy, Communications and Informative Updates

MWA is your voice on key issues and guidelines affecting medical wellness
Ongoing Communications and Medical Wellness Newsletter In order to further efficiency, MWA is developing electronic communication and online publications. MWA has the objective to streamline communications and provide the necessary mechanisms to improve the profession, your career and your wellness. Plus members will have access to online wellness updates and additional program and support information.

    Comprehensive Membership Directory & Reference Guide

Includes professionals, support services, specialty groups, partners and sponsors

    The Medical Wellness Program Guide with Definitions (special discounts)
    The Medical Wellness Speakers Network, Education and Mentoring Programs
      Network with colleagues and associates locally, regionally and around the world Special network gatherings, meetings, E-mail discussion groups, specialty group professional networking.
    Professional Recognition, Awards, and Fellowship

Reduced Registration Fees for Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Symposiums

    Discounts on Program and Service Guides and Educational/Training Materials

Special Rates From Participating Professional Services, Products and Support.

    Career Services, Support and Opportunities

MWA is committed to professional growth and development. As you look to further your career or recruiting options, be sure to participate in the career services and job listings.

  Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

MWA is seeking leadership nominations and ways to enhance member contribution and involvement. The association will provide ongoing information on the importance of volunteer and committee work and how to become involved.

Medical Wellness Association Membership Categories:
  1.Corporate, Club/Facility & Partner Organization, Company, Worksite, Group with Multiple Locations. Commercial Club, Community, YMCA, JCC, Spa and Resort. Partner, Vendor, Supplier or Academic University, College, Institute, School or Training Facility  
2.Professional, Individual & Pracitioner Health, Wellness, Fitness, Physiology/Kinesiology, Medical, Nutrition or Related Field  
  3.Associate & Consumer Not-For-Profit, Teachers, Individuals and Consumers  
  4.Medical Physician, Chiropractor, Sports/Exercise Medicine, Podiatrist, Osteopath, Naturopath, Integrated, Complementary, Alternative and Oriental  
  5.Pracitioner Acupuncturist, Dietician, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse, Massage Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Sport and Personal Trainers  
  6.Hospital Healthcare/Provider Organization/Facility or Medical Based Wellness Center  
  7.Student Member Registered, Full Time Status, University, College or School Facility  

  1. Corporate, Club/Facility & Partner $500.00

  Corporate refers to any worksite organization, provider of service or company group. The corporate membership includes both an individual and a company membership.

Facility membership is geared to helping management, operations and the facilities staff. This facility membership program provides options for members. If you manage or work in a resort, hotel, clubs, athletic/fitness club, YMCA's, wellness facility or you intend to serve-the aging market, assisted living or senior housing location this membership is designed for you.

This membership is also for those who support and supply products or services to members. Before you market your product or service you should have a complete understanding of the medical wellness marketplace. By becoming a corporate sponsor/member you will benefit. The corporate sponsor/member program has been designed for companies that have a product or service they wish to promote to the industry.
2. Professional: $150.00


Professional membership is open to anyone who has earned a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree at an accredited institution in a field related to wellness, health, education, fitness, nutrition or exercise science; or, anyone who has earned at least a bachelor's degree in another area, but is working in a field related to medicine and or wellness.

  3. Associate & Consumer: $75.00

  Associate membership is open to groups including individuals, consumers and not-for-profit or charitable organizations.


4. Medical: $150.00

  A licensed professional who is licensed to practice medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy or possesses an equivalent licensure, and whose main occupation is the actual practice of the licensed profession.

  5. Practitioner: $150.00

  A person whose career involves fundamental and/or practical applications in clinical, research or treatment settings, which encompass the disciplines of medicine, therapy, nutrition, exercise physiology, motor control, psychology, athletic/sports medicine, massage therapy, rehabilitation, or personal training. The practitioner membership is aimed towards wellness/health coaches, therapists, dieticians, personal trainers, programmers, activity directors, and other professionals who work in medical wellness practices.

  6. Hospital: $500.00

  This facility based membership is for any healthcare institution or medically base provider. This membership provides for a medical/hospital recognition and community contribution.

  7. Student Member: $50.00

  Undergraduate student or graduate student membership is open to full students enrolled in a degree program in a field related to wellness, exercise science or medicine during the regular academic year.  

Join Today! Your contribution supports the medical wellness profession and MWA.

Our new association is continuously looking for ways to enhance member benefits and welcome your input and contribution. In other areas of this web site, you will find information on the importance of advisor and committee work and how to become actively involved.

* Annual Memberships are based on the month and year joined and may be renewed annually on anniversary date. Past membership payments are non refundable. For specific membership questions, please contact Medical Wellness Association office.

  Make a difference.
Support the Medical Wellness Association.
Joining MWA makes meaningful statement about your profession and leadership in medical wellness by providing opportunities for important contributions and recognition within the field.
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