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Finding Meaning In Medicine

2004: Volume 1, Number 2


Finding Meaning in Medicine is a community of like-minded healthcare professionals dedicated to rekindling in one another the commitment to service and exploring the core questions of a life in medicine such as:
  • Are you feeling the strain of practicing good medicine in today’s tumultuous medical and healthcare environment?
  • Do you still experience the same enjoyment and satisfaction that your profession once gave you?
  • Are you a medical student who wants to hold on to your ideals and values? Or another healthcare professional or practitioner who holds the vision of a more holistic healthcare system?
  • Do you yearn for a community of physicians or other like-minded healthcare professionals, medical educators, and students who share your values of compassion, harmlessness, reverence for life, and service?
  • Do you wonder how to rediscover and strengthen the meaning of your work?

The Institute for the Study of Health and Illness (ISHI) has been assisting physicians nationwide to develop self-directed, ongoing values and meaning discussion groups in their communities, independent of institutional support.

Finding Meaning in Medicine has evolved into a very simple and replicable group process that enables physicians to uncover the deep meaning that lies below the daily routine of practice, and to find strength within a community of physicians who share their values. Medical students, other healthcare professionals, and medical educators are now replicating the pro-gram and adapting it to meet their respective needs.

The Finding Meaning in Medicine website,, provides resources needed to help start an FMM group in your community, network with other FMM group facilitators, or join an online FMM group with your colleagues.


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