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International Medical Wellness Association Advisors
The Medical Wellness Advisors and Advisory Board include experts in medicine, complementary health, alternative-integrative therapies, psychology, physiology, wellness, imaging, gerontology, longevity, performance, sports medicine, health promotion, coaching, fitness, nutrition, assessments and research. Advisors provide professional expertise and are instrumental in review of standards, guidelines, programs, research, publications, trainings and future planning for the Association.

Francis Acunzo, President,  The Medical Spa Society, Branford, Connecticut
Dr. Ralf Adam, Clinical Director, Procter & Gamble, German Innovation Center, Schwalbach am Taunus, Germany
Kathleen Akin, D.C., Board Certified Sports Chiropractic, CCSP, Medical Director, Quality Care, Detroit, Michigan
Kailin Alberti, M.S., FACW, Wellness Coordinator, ActiveHealth Management, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Judd Allen, Ph.D., President, Human Resources Institute, Healthy Culture, Vermont
Mike Alpert, President and CEO, The Claremont Wellness Campus, Claremont, California
Dan Ansel,  M.A., Founder & President, Private Health News, Cincinnati, Ohio
Donald B. Ardell, Ph.D., Director, SeekWellness, Concord, New Hampshire
Michael Arloski, Ph.D., Founder, Real Balance Global Wellness, Fort Collins, Colorado
Dr. Sam Axelrad, M.D. , Houston Metro Urology, Metro Medical Center, Houston Texas
Rolando Balburias, M.D., Medical Director, Center for Wellness, The Medical Center, Manila, Philippines
Bill Baun, EPD, FAWHP, Wellness Coach, UT-M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston Medical Center, Texas
Marion Becker, MA, Marketing-Beraterin, Bad Durkheim, Germany
Joel Bennett, Ph.D., Founder, Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems, Fort Worth, Texas
Dr. Silvia Binder, ND, PhD, President, Ondamed Companies, New York & Schwanau Germany
Rolf Binder, Inventor, Founder, Ondamed Companies, New York & Schwanau, Germany
Craig Brandman, M.D. , CEO, StepOneHealth and CMO, MyMedLab, Palo Alto, California
W. Brent Arnold, M.S., FAWHP, Director, Reach Sports Group, Eugene, Oregon
James Bell, Ph.D., International Fitness Professional Association, Tampa, Florida
Holli Beckwith, Vice President, Business Development, Art of Living & Spa Concepts, Austin, Texas
Reinhard Bergel, Ph.D., President, Spa-Kur Therapy Physical Rehabilitation Center, Bonita, California
Amy Blansit, M.A., CWD, FACW,  American College of Wellness, Springfield, Missouri
Bruce Blausen, M.A., CEO and Founder, Blausen Medical Communications, Houston, Texas
Christopher Breuleux, Ph.D., FAWHP, FACW, Medical Wellness, Corporate Health & Training, Houston, Texas
Loren Brink, CEO, HealthPointe Solutions, Inc., Orlando, Florida
Jeff Brizzolara, Ph.D., MBA, VIVERAE, Chief Clinical Officer, Dallas, Texas 
Robert Brosmer, M.S.,  COO, Y of Central Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland
Peter Brown, CEO, Wellness Management, London, England 
Regina Brugh, Medical Solutions, Functional Medicine Genetic Clinician, Austin, Texas
Ed Buda,  President, Lakeshore Medical Fitness, Aurora, Illinois
Meri Bura, M.D., COO, General Manager, Holistic Center Mulier, Zagreb, Croatia
Tom Campanaro,  President & CEO, EFI Sports Medicine, San Diego, California
Hyla Cass, M.D., Psychiatrist, Author, Integrative Medicine Psychiatry Clinical Practice, Pacific Palisades, California
Nathan Chang, O.D., Ph.D., CEO, Chi Chang Enterprise, Taipei, Taiwan
Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi, President, Anti-aging Medicine and Research, Amaya International, Houston & Mumbai, India
Delia Chiaramonte, M.D., President, Insight Medical Consultants, Baltimore, Maryland
Scott Chovanec, MBA, MS, Chairman, Highland Park, Illinois
Laurie Cingle, President, Consulting and Coaching, Los Angeles, California
Kevin Clair, FAWHP, President, Health Solutions, Baltimore, Maryland
Nancy Clark, RD, M.S., CSSD, Healthworks Sports Nutrition Services, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
David Clymer, CEO, MyMedLab, Joplin, Missouri  
Anne Marie Connolly, Director, Wellness Initiative, Providence, Rhode Island
Casey Conrad, J.D.,  President, Communication Consultants, Providence, Rhode Island
Jason Conviser, Ph.D., FACSM, President, One Small World, Chicago, Illinois
Paul Couzelis, Ph.D., FACSM, Board of Directors MediFit, New York, New York
Kimberly Crawford, M.D., CEO, WellMed Inc., Melbourne, Florida
Jesse Curry, Founder and CEO, MJC & Associates, Phoenix, Arizona
Dr. Jason A. Deitch, D.C., Chief Wellness Officer, Masters Circle, Discover Wellness, Jericho, New York
Nick Delgado, Ph.D.,  President and CEO, Ultimate Medical Research, Newport Beach, California
Dr. James Denninghoff, MD, Missouri Sinus-Allergy, Columbia, Missouri
Fausto Di Giulio, PT,  Coordinator, Italian Fitness Federation, Tortoreto Lido Teramo, Italy
Lisa Dougherty, Founder and CEO, The Medical Fitness Network, Orange County, California
Cindy Dremely, Founder & Director, Project Walk Houston, Missouri City, Texas
Eric Durak, President of Medical Health and Fitness, Santa Barbara, California
Bret Dudl, The Center of Wellness, La Joya Perfecta, Costa Rica
Tracey Dunn, CranioTherapist-Hypnotherapist, Founder, Adventures Worldwide, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Kirsti Dyer, M.D., FAAETS, NCBF, BCETS, BCBT, Internal Medicine & Wellness Specialist, Sonora, California
John Spencer Ellis, Ed.D., CEO, National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, Santa Margarita, California
Rawan Emeish, Marketing Head, Fine Hygienic Holding, Amman, Jordan
Reed Engle, M.A., Mather LifeWays, Institute on Aging, Evanston, Illinois
Donald Falknor, D.P.M., Diplomat, American Board of Podiatric Surgery, Houston, Texas
Mariana Patron Farias,  Soy Lic. Nutrición, Director of Nutrition, Nutrim, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ronda Gates, MS., RPh, Founder, Lifestyles, Tucson, Arizona
Dr. Eric Gebhart, Executive Wellness Program, Memorial Hermann Wellness Institute, Houston, Texas
Larry Golding,  Ph.D.,  Professor, University  of Nevada Las Vegas,  Las Vegas, Nevada
Brian Goonan, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Sports & Wellness Psychology, Bellaire, Texas
Ruchi Gulati, M.D., Director at Sukh Ayurveda, Noida, India
Phil Haberstro,  Executive Director at Wellness Institute, Buffalo, New York
Dr. Raymond Hall, D.C., Pacific Coast Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Santa Monica, California
Baker Harrell, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, IT'S TIME TEXAS, The ITT Summit, Austin, Texas
Dr. Steve Helschien, D.C., Founder, Cardio Crusaders, Columbia, Maryland
Greg Hill, PA, StepOneHealth, Foothills Ranch, California
Tesuya Hirano, M.D.,  Ph.D.,  FACW,  Director, Hirano Clinic, Izumisano, Osaka, Japan
Jason Hodge, MES, Founder & President, Medical Fitness Pros, Katy, Texas
Dr. Ann Hood, Ph.D., President, Global WellCare, Addison, Texas
Robert Hopper, Ph.D., President, Health and Medical Insurance, California
Steven Hotze, M.D.,  Founder & CEO, Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Houston, Texas
Kelly House,  COO, Health Promotion Live, Auburn Hills, Michigan
Corey J. Huck, PhD, CSCS, Assistant Professor, Coordinator Health Promotion, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Katie Hurley,  CEO, Integral Health and ERG 8,  Miami, Florida
Dr. Wayne A. Hurst, DPM, Fellow, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, Cedar Park, Texas
Douglas Husbands, DC, CCN, Clinical Nutrition & Anti-Aging Medicine, Athens Chiropractic, San Carlos, California
Antonio Jacobs MS, RES, Ergonomic Specialist, Prevention and Medical Management, Chevron, Houston, Texas
Roger Jahnke, O.M.D., CEO, Health Action, Santa Barbara, California
Dr. John Jaquish, CTO, Performance Health Systems, Chicago, Illinois
John R. Johnston, MD., Medical Director, ICON Wellness Center & Medical Spa, Webster, Texas
Jessie Jones, Ph.D., Center for Successful Aging, California State University, Fullerton, California
Robert Karch, Ed.D., Executive Director, National Center for Health Fitness, American University, Washington DC
Alexey Kashirin,  CEO, Strata Partners Fitness Systems, Moscow, Russia Federation
Dennis Keiser,  President, Keiser Institute, Fresno, California
Jeffrey Keller, MS, MBA, President, Independent Health Club Networking Association, Boynton Beach, Florida
Paul Keller, M.A., ASKA, Family Martial Arts Acadamy,  Beaverton, Oregon
Mark P. Kelly, Ph.D., CSCS, CPT, FAS, Founder and CEO, Principal-Centered Health, Inc, Lake Forest, California
Wolf Kirsten, M.S., CEO, International Health Consulting, Berlin, Germany
Steve Kramer, J.D.,  Partner, Think Tank, Kramer Rayson LLP, Knoxville, Tennessee
David Krueger M.D.,  CEO, MentorPath, Houston, Texas
Caroline Lafferty, Neuroscience, University of Toronto, Yoga Alliance, Philippines Olympic Coach, Toronto, Canada
James Lafferty, Former CEO, Procter and Gamble Philippines, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Professor, Journalist, Olympic Coach, Manila, Philippines
Shelena Lalji, MD, Wellness and Medical Spa, Sugar Land, Texas
John La Puma, M.D., FACP, ChefMD, Santa Barbara, California
Cadariu Violeta Laura, MA, General Manager, Asset System, Bucharest, Romania
William LaValley, M.D., Founding President Canadian Complementary Medical Association, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hervey Lavoie, President, Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative, Denver, Colorado
Dr. Chee San Lee, M.D., Medical Leader- Asia, Procter & Gamble, Tianhe, Guangzhou, China
Dr. John Lewis, PhD., Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Miami, Florida
John Paul Liang, American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Houston, Texas
James C. Lindberg, M.D., Medical Director and President, Lindberg Medical Center, Santa Ana, California
Gary Lindsay, MPH, Manager Partnership for Prevention, Washington D. C.
Domingo Liotta,  Professor Asociado at Universidad, Clinical Researcher and Assisting Physician, Argentina
Herb Lipsman, CEO, The Health Club Company, Houston Wellness Association, Houston, Texas
Len Lopez, D.C.,  President, Dr. Len Inc., Addison, Texas
Joseph Ludwig, MD, CEO, Trek Visions, Physician, MD Anderson, Houston Texas
Michael Maier, M.D., Founder, Texas Sports Medicine Institute, Fondren Orthopedics, Richmond, Texas
Michael Mantell, Ph.D., Senior Consultant for Behavioral Sciences, American Council on Exercise, San Diego, California
Dr. Jeffrey Matheson, MDCM, Pure Life Science Corporation, Mississauga, Ontario
Bill McBride, President & CEO, Active Sports Clubs, Sausalito, California
Denis McCarthy, Clinical & Occupational Psychologist, Fremantle, Australia
Jean-Aime Medici, PhD, Founder & CEO, Mithra Health Clinics, Miami, Florida
Lauve Metcalfe, M.S., FAWP, MWD, College of Medicine, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 
Yvan Miklin, CEO, Aquila, Ltd., Miami Beach, Florida
Colin Milner,  Founder & CEO, International Council on Active Aging, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Susie Misini,  Misin Inspired Lifestyle Consultant, Hong Kong, China
Margaret Moore, Founder/CEO, Wellcoaches, Institute of Coaching Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. Robert J. Moore, D.P.M., Founder and CEO, Body of Knowledge, Houston, Texas
Hans Muench, Director of Europe, IHRSA, Munich, Germany
John Munson, Ph.D., Board of Directors, National Wellness Institute, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Leong Khong Nan, Managing Director, Biotherapeutics, Singapore
Tom Nelson, M.A., Principal, McClure Nelson & Associates, San Francisco, California
Heidi Novak, BS, Founder and CEO, Holistic Health & Power Up, Layton, Utah
Bryan O’Rourke, MBA President, Fitness Industry Technology Counsel, New Orleans, Louisiana
Gijs van Oort , PhD,  COO, Practiva Health & N-Gage, San Antonio, Texas
Joseph Perez, M.D., Allergy and Asthma Care, Houston, Texas
Richard Perryman, D.C., Health Coach-LifeStrive, Phoenix, Arizona
Tammy Petersen, Managing Partner, American Academy of Health and Fitness, Tonganoxie, Kansas
James A. Peterson, Ph.D., FACSM, Founder/Publisher, Healthy Learning, Monterey, California
George Pfeiffer, FAWP, MWD, President, The WorkCare Group, Charlottesville, Virginia
David Pickering, Preventure & International Fitness Club Network, Providence, Rhode Island
Theodore Piliszek, M.D., ABAAM, CNS,  Founder, World Wellness Research/Longevity Medicine, Houston, Texas
Dr. Harish Pillai, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Salam International Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
Helen Pokrajac, MBA,, Ph.D., Director, Advanced Health Education Center, Dubai
Don Powell, Ph.D., Institute for Preventive Medicine, Farmington Hills, Michigan
Tanya Ploner,  M.D.,  Founder and CEO, Infinity Factory, Johannesburg, South Africa
Bryan Pulcher, Director, Campus Fitness Wellness Facilities, HBU Bradshaw Fitness Center, Houston, Texas
Chris Purvis, PT, MS, ATC, CSCS,  CEO, Peak Performance Physical Therapy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ronald Pucillo, M.D., FAAFP, Wellness & Bariatric Medicine, Sugar Land, Texas
Marlen Putman, RN, CCM,  BetterME, Frederick, Maryland
Antonio Ramalho, M.A., Director Tecn.Caritas Viseu, Viseu Region, Lisbon, Portugal
Krish Ravindran,  Pharmacist, WuDao Worldwide, Selangor, Malaysia
Rob Rideout, Co-Founder, MicroFit, Santa Cruz, California
Oscar Romano, M.D.,  Medical Director, University Medical Wellness & Medical Spa, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Reuven M. Rosenberg, D.C., CEO, Integrative Health Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Michael Rozen, M.D.,  Orthopedic Medicine, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
John Rutigliano, M.S.,  Vice President, Fitness Resources, Plainview, New York
Dr. Nanai Sachdev, M.D., Medical Director, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Clinic, Beverly Hills, California
Robert E. Sallis, M.D. , FACSM, Exercise is Medicine Advisory Board Chairman, Fontana, California
Michael Scott Scudder,  CEO, Health Club Managers & FitBiz Connection, Taos, New Mexico
Brian Sekula, Ph.D., President, The Health Performance Institute, Sugar Land, Texas
Barbara Murphy-Shannon, Vice President, Acara MedSpas, Branford, Connecticut
Juan Carlos Dominquez Siemens, Terapias Electromagneticas, Gran Canaria, Spain
Dr. Richard Silver, DC, Founder of Insight Medical Diagnostics, Houston Texas
Derron Simon, M.D.,  President & Co-Founder, Institute of Health Careers, Richmond, Virginia
Graham Simpson, M.D.,  President and CEO, Eternity Medicine Institute, Las Vegas, Nevada
Chris Skisak, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Corporate Health Management Solutions, Missouri City, Texas
Sean Slovenski, Co-Founder, Hummingbird Coaching Services, Cincinnati, Ohio
Greg Soderberg, P.T., Director of Medical Care, Tri Medx, Indianapolis, Indiana
Adam G. Southam, Chairman & Chief Strategic Officer, iFormulary & Fitness Formulary, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kevin Steele, Ph.D., Medical Advisory Board, Performance Health Systems Maddogg Athletics, Los Angeles, California
Dr. Craig Steingraber, D.C., Board Certified Sports Chiropractic, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Newnan, Georgia
Dr. Sonja Stoffel, Department of Sport Science, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany
Rick Stollmeyer,  Founder & CEO, MINDBODY, Inc., San Luis Obispo, California
Jim Strohecker, Founder & President, Health World Online, Los Angeles, California
Nalinee Sutthiipisal, MD, Diplomat Thai Board of Dermatology, Samittvej Sukhumvit Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Mark Tager, M.D., President ChangeWell, La Jolla, California
Steven Tharrett, Ph.D., Club Industry, Highland Village, Texas
SP Tjandra, Director, Victus Life Longevity Institute, Bali, Indonesia
Lisa Travis, National Medical SpaMD, Nashville, Tennessee
Dr. Brett Trusko, CEO, International Association of Innovation Professionals, Houston Texas
John Ullrich, President & CEO, Aspen Information Systems, Spring, Texas
Bruce Underwood, Dr.P.H., Founder & CEO, Healthy Futures, Indian Wells, California
Richard Urbanek, M.D., Occupational Health Services Europe, Praha, Czech Republic
Dr. Marco Vargas, D.P.M., Sports Medicine, Foot and Ankle, Richmond, Texas
Erling Vebenstad, Balanse Pluss, Oslo, Norway
Olivier Wenker, M.D., MBA, Professor, The University of Texas, CEO, Scientific Publications, Houston, Texas
Rachel Westheimer, MPH, University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas
Dan Wilford, President & CEO, Spiritual Leadership, Memorial Hermann Health System(Ret), Texas
Dr. Karen Wolfe, MBBS, M.S., CEO, Dr. Karen Wolfe, Inc..,  Mission Viejo, California
Dr. Jason Wong, PT, DPT, Bauerfeind Performance Center, Santa Monica, California
Tim Yates, CEO, Project Walk® Paralysis Recovery Centers, Global Headquarters, Carlsbad, California
Muge Yucel, Teras International GmbH, Berlin, Germany and Antalya, Turkey
Dan Zeman, M.S., CEO, Breakaway Technology and Development, Minneapolis, Minnesota